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Installation Guide Installing Invoice Stack is easy and takes just 10 minutes to get set up. Our easy onboarding flow lets you do it all yourself, in just a few easy steps. You can start here, but if you want to know what to expect, read on. 4 minute read
Getting Started
Using Invoice Data in HubSpot One of the most powerful features of Invoice Stack is the data that gets sent back to HubSpot about your invoices. We do that using properties on your HubSpot deal. In this article and video, we'll walk you through how to find those properties, we'll point out the most useful ones and we'll show you how you can use them throughout your HubSpot account. 4 minute read Tutorial - Create a reminder to users to create invoices In this short video tutorial we'll show you how to set up a HubSpot workflow to notify users if they haven't created invoices
Tutorial - Update HubSpot deal amount when invoices change Quick tutorial video with a walkthrough of how you can update your HubSpot deal total with the value of the invoices you've created, using HubSpot workflows. This is really useful if you're not using HubSpot quotes or line items, or if you often add new invoices after the deal has been created.
Create a Xero Invoice from HubSpot A tutorial on how to create your first Xero invoice from HubSpot, using Invoice Stack. This video is ideal if you're just getting started with Invoice Stack, and is also a great resource to  share it with your team to help them get trained up. For this video, we'll assume you've already got Invoice Stack installed and working, if not, check out the installation guide.  2 minute read
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