Track Invoice Status in HubSpot

Eliminate the back and forth between your finance team, and get full transparency on the status of your invoices, right inside HubSpot.

A single source of truth

Source of Truth

Invoice Stack has full 2 way sync, meaning that once an invoice is created via the app, we track the status from your accounting platform in real time.

We use your accounting platform as the source of truth, so any changes made by your finance team are reflected inside HubSpot. So no matter if line items, due dates, tax rates or totals change, you’ll be able to see the change inside HubSpot. This gives your finance team ultimate control over what your financial data looks like.

Keep track of who’s paid, and who hasn’t...

Payment Status

Invoice Stack syncs the payment status of your invoices straight back to your HubSpot deal. We support all the payment types that your accounting platform offers, whether that’s reconciling payments via your bank account, credit card or direct debits. If an invoice is overdue, it’s flagged instantly on your HubSpot deal.

Use this data to get smarter about how you deliver services to your clients, such as:

  • Handing deals away from Sales once paid
  • Paying commission only when invoices are paid
  • Pausing Sales activity if a client is overdue.

Build powerful reports in HubSpot


When you install Invoice Stack, we create 15+ properties on your HubSpot deals, from invoice status all the way through to the next invoice date. These are updated live whenever your invoices change.

Because these are standard deal properties, you can use HubSpot’s powerful reporting functionality to combine deal and invoice data, and build bespoke reports and dashboards giving you a live view of your invoice status.

Here are some popular reports:

  • List all deals awaiting payment
  • View which Sales people haven’t created invoices for closed deals
  • Total amount overdue
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Automate your deal workflows

Say goodbye to invoice admin on HubSpot by automating updates to your deals using easy to configure triggers.

Automation simple

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