Automate Invoices with HubSpot

Invoice Stack's in-depth integration with HubSpot Workflows empowers you to automate the entire invoice generation process, saving you time, reducing errors, and boosting productivity.

Now available in beta for Invoice Stack Pro users on Xero. QuickBooks coming soon

My Deal Workflow
Create Xero Invoices

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Customise your invoices

Infinite Flexibility

Use the power of HubSpot workflows to choose triggers, filters and logic. Trigger invoice creation from multiple branches or multiple workflows.

Control Panel

Customisable by you

Configure all settings yourself directly in HubSpot, change them at any time. Map contacts, invoice date, line items and more, using in-built options and even deal properties.


Transparent Monitoring

Use HubSpot's detailed logging and audit tools to monitor invoice creation, logic and errors. 

More Features

Workflow actions use Invoice Stack under the hood, so if your invoices are created automatically you still get access these powerful features:

  • Full 2-way sync with your Accounting Platform
  • Track Invoice Status live
  • Sync Invoice data to HubSpot deal properties
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Automated Workflows are now available in beta for Invoice Stack Pro users on Xero. QuickBooks coming soon. Sign up here to receive an invite to the beta programme.

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