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How invoicing on
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can set invoices to Draft or Authorised and send invoices without leaving HubSpot. Or, if you're operating with a Finance Team, you can set invoices to Draft and only allow finance to send invoices via Xero.


If you’re using QuickBooks - we will soon be supporting Recurring Invoices, so you can create repeating subscription invoices right inside HubSpot.

If you’re using Xero, you can generate multiple monthly, quarterly or annual invoices as individual invoices all in one go. Xero’s built in repeating invoices feature doesn’t support third-party access yet.

Yes, when you click sync, all invoices are sent across to your accounting platform. If you’re using Xero, we can enable “Submit for Approval” which you can use to help manage the approval workflow. Let us know if you’d like more info about this.

Your invoices look exactly the same as they do now. Because we only send the invoice data, your accounting platform will do the formatting and sending of invoices, meaning no change to your processes.

The same as they do now! Once the invoice data is sent to your accounting platform, payments work as they would with any other invoice. Once the payments are reconciled inside your accounting platform, the invoice status is updated in Invoice Stack and in your HubSpot deal. 

We support a 2–way sync, so any changes made in your accounting platform such as changing line items, taxes, dates, or even voids and deletions, are all sent back to Invoice Stack and to your HubSpot deal properties.