Get paid easier.

Eliminate the admin pains from invoicing your HubSpot deals.

  • Easy, flexible, invoice creation
  • Track invoice and payment status
  • Automate your deal workflow

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Top Features

How many invoices?


However you invoice, we’ve got you covered. Invoice Stack supports multiple invoices per deal, staged payments, deposits, subscriptions and repeat payments.

Automate invoices

Automated Workflows

We make it easy to automate your deals using invoice data. Move deals when invoices are synced or paid, create HubSpot workflows based on invoice status and much more.

Invoice reference field


Adapt Invoice Stack to your needs using your accounting settings or mapping your deal data into your accounting platform. Or go even further and unlock bespoke customisations from our team.

Boost productivity across your business

  • Easy and fast invoice creation, without leaving HubSpot
  • Auto-fill your deal data - no more copy and paste
  • Better visibility and ownership of invoicing

Invoice Stack is so easy to use, the whole team were set up sending invoices really quickly. Being able to do everything in HubSpot just makes so much sense

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